COVID-19: A Split Between Total Control And Free Will


The world seems to be reeling, losing a growing population with the Coronavirus constantly taking countries hostage. First China, then Italy, Germany, Spain, the USA…and now Brazil, among many others. And the varying theories from experts whose recommendations for our protection keep us guessing, like the use of face masks and their uncertain effectiveness of protecting us from The Beast, only makes us feel even more insecure.

Even more now, it’s time to realise that prudence is one of the keys to humanity living together and surviving up against what seems to be an invisible enemy. The washing of hands in a consistent manner as well as being aware of space and even changing the way we do things on a personal level can mean the difference between life or death of the ones we love and care about. There is no colour nor border when it comes to humanity. Only one heartbeat matters…standing together as one.

Brazilian rapper and Gumbo Square Band member, Erivan Produtos do Morro knows all too well the effect this pandemic is having on his country. With there being things such as a water shortage, the lack of reliable information for the public there, the burning of the rainforests and the uncertainty of Brazil’s future, he has written and produced a new song, “Covid 19”…..a split between total control and free will.

It is more than ever a necessity to become one….united together…to be Global…..

Written by Serge Grad and Maria Speight

#humanityisUs #1heartbeat #gumbosquareband

Video courtesy of Erivan Produtos do Morro. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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