Double Game**

German pragmatism is on the point of substituting the European sovereigntist’s ambitions. Indeed, Germany is preparing a politico-economic reconversion without a media circus and endless anti-European speeches.

If Brexit was likened to a staging, Germany’s departure without a real exit risks plunging the old continent even further into recession.

Spearheading a pseudo fight of wrestlers outside the Ukrainian ring, Berlin has successfully granted Washington’s wishes, or rather has given in to its demands, as well as those of Brussels.

Without Germany’s economic power, the European community will not be able to hold out for long. Germany’s ambiguous position relocating to China while remaining as a member of the European community, will allow it to remain in the forefront of industrialized countries while weakening Europe economically, and controlling it politically from within, just leaving crumbs for it to make the EU believe that it could reverse the trend.

A double game on the part of one of the founding countries of this European union. A masterstroke made in Borgia.

The trap therefore closed even better than everything suggested that a possible rupture would come rather from the South, or even from France.

Germany then would pose as the savior of a union in danger.

A revamped D-Day, which in other times trapped Germany itself.

A sweet revenge that Macron will have to handle as much as it can be.

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Quelle: pa/Christina Sab/dpa

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