What should have been a defining year for the WEF, the Biden administration and the EU turned into a bitter failure.

The Republicans took over the congress in Washington and Macron did not win a majority in the national assembly. The Swedes and Italians joined Hungary, and Germany moved away from the EU.

Biden finds himself on the sidelines in the Middle East, while Putin imposes himself from the Mediterranean to the Pacific.

As for Meta, its networks have imploded, revealing an extraordinary competitor by the name of Elon Musk.

Trudeau, the French Canadian Macron, servant of a Chinese emperor, playing loser, wins…. is no longer the one who embodied a modernity coming from the cold.

Bipolarization has indeed taken place. A Berlin wall, made in the third millennium.

The balance of power seems to have reversed and could look like having given an advantage to the BRICS.

But the game is not over. The WEF and its allies could well make these end-of-year celebrations very short-lived, unless China, the centerpiece of a new world about to be born, accompanied by an India more powerful than ever, does definitely take sides with Russia and the Middle East.

A decisive step which could annihilate for many decades the autocratic ambitions of a new world order led by a handful of wealthy people and their humble servant, Klaus Schwab.

#BRICS #WEF #US #EU #Russia #China #India #MiddleEast Photo: Washington Post

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