Evolution or Revolution

In 1997 the British handed over the keys of Hong Kong to the Chinese government. The agreement defined between the two parties stipulated that during a period of fifty years, that after this stage was initiated, Hong Kong would be branded with the “One Country, Two Nations” seal. A transition that at the time frightened those who thought that this mini state with immeasurable economic wealth would fall under the yoke of China, and that it would soon break its toy. 

This scenario, created from an analysis of a theory rooted mainly on Western prejudices, did not take a long time in being relegated to the farce and tricks department, even more so at the end of long and interminable corridors of a Tussaud museum, as a relic.

The Chinese government adapted at the speed of light, and not content with having recovered this economic jewel, it created Shanghai in the process, thus showing the whole world its capacity to have rallied with a disconcerting dexterity the market economy, leaving behind the dictates of Mao and his successors.

Everything was for the best in all possible worlds. The West, ready to do business with a country where human rights remained questionable and disrespected, in a nutshell, flouted, and above all the British who until to 2047, according to the previously mentioned agreement, would not do anything to question the Chinese regime.

Against all odds, another story took place. The free world remained deaf to the pleas of Hong Kong students and dissidents, even abandoning them to their sad fate. The health crisis facilitated the repression, and decommissioned the demonstrators and their cries of alarm and distress that no one wanted to hear. Cries of alarm and distress which ended up in the abyss of oblivion.

What follows is particularly interesting. The Chinese government, not satisfied of having integrated the market economy, making this nation more powerful than ever, more than this, found a storefront to export its dictatorial system to a Western world seduced by the idea of being able to curb the social excesses of their populations, taking advantage of a virus, thus insidiously imposing the Chinese model with the weighty support of a galloping technology which had, until then, made the happiness of young and old.

The serpent was in the egg. A new world was being born. A world where the union demands no longer had a place. A world where the repression made in Tiananmen would be the spearhead of a planet under the influence that some of its leaders, having wanted it so badly, would constitute what is commonly defined as being “the New World Order,” alias “The Great Reset”.

The question that now arises is to know whether, despite the aspirations of some countries that have chosen to follow this path, if the Chinese choice of adapting to the market economy, while maintaining a dictatorial system, was not easier than to switch, concerning the free world, from a democratic system to a dictatorship, while keeping capitalism as the watchword.

Europeans and North Americans, to speak only of them, do not have the profile of a people who for centuries had to submit to a regime of despots that only certain leaders dared to denounce without saying it, for not offending the requirements and ambitions of the dragon, therefore not to jeopardize the juicy economic agreements with this new essential partner.

The more Westerners have abounded in this direction, the more they have nourished this system, making the world of today what it is.

Could it get up again? Probably. The rebellions ranging from Canada to Oceania via Europe clearly show that a bi-polarization, if not a political and social fragmentation is emerging.

The health crisis, the starting point for this redefinition of the world, ended up showing its true face, having thus metamorphosed into a political and social uprising where humanity finally emerged from its torpor, standing up against this political tsunami.

Could the collapse of the democracies from an economic and social point of view give the Chinese the upper hand? Nobody really knows.


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Photograph of Hong Kong by Manson Yim

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