Fingers Crossed Behind Their Back

The USA stand with Israel, but how far is it prepared to go?

Intimidation, illusory presence?

Is it really determined to intervene and militarily support the Jewish State?

It is facing the terrorist movements of Hamas, Hezbollah, Daesh and their allies like Iran, Syria.
If Russia has not yet spoken out openly in favor of Palestine, it does not support Israel just like China.

So what will Biden do?

A military intervention in the Gaza Strip would be more than risky, but inaction makes the situation more and more complicated to manage.
The conflict with the recent attacks in Europe and the harassment on campuses in California show without any ambiguity that doing nothing gives the terrorists the upper hand and the opportunity to impose their law in many countries.

It is more than important to remember that women, children and old people are still taken hostage in Gaza.

Let’s not forget them.

Credit: CNN

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