The Ukrainian sky was ablaze and instead of stars twinkling in an icy night, thousands of nuggets of gold illuminated the great steppes from which emerged here and there the silhouettes of towns and villages plunged into the abyss of time, in the oblivion of an international community inclined to other purposes than to fly to the aid of their fellows.

But behind these towns and villages, a population, thousands of people once again victims of political maneuvers and wheeler-dealers of all kinds.

The West had finally awakened the Russian ogre. The economic-political calculations of the European community and of Uncle Sam, as well as the dead-end gestures of NATO had in no way worried the Kremlin. Quite the contrary, they fueled his desire to say NO to the ambitions of young wolves, who of the forest only knew the ornamental molding and the corridors of nameless parliaments. Insipid technocrats who berated at each other from a distance, with a speckled foil. Insipid technocrats without a real vision, if not that of serving their own interests and satisfying their egos, before returning in their cocoon, with a silver spoon in their mouths.

Yesterday’s Russia, ruined, bled out and humiliated, which had bitten the dust in the 90’s had fizzled out. The broken promises of the West, of which the territorial appetite was equaled only by the fragility of a Russian nation once undermined, on the breach, a target of jeers. Promises which had given way to diplomatic procrastination where this time, the leash had changed hands.

The avarice, as well as the arrogance of the Westerners was now confronted with this bear emerging from its cave with force and determination in order to push back beyond the borders those who would deign to cross the red line.

A game of poker lost in advance for European governments and disastrous economic consequences, catastrophic repercussions for its populations. Yet another wave on the way, ready to sweep over the old continent already so affected by the health crisis of the past two years. Economic sanctions against Russia will not change anything. Europe will again pay the bill, will emerge weakened, while once again the United States will reap the fruits, having divided it as in the past.

Ukraine is only the tree that hides the forest and its political calculations. Even though the epicenter of this conflict is at the gates of Europe, these calculations are no longer under the control of the old continent. The bear has already won this battle. The non-intervention of the United States will only accelerate the invasion of Taiwan by the dragon, and nothing will prevent this.

The United States, who abandoned Ukraine after having contributed to plunging it with the Europeans into this chaos, will definitely not intervene in the Pacific.

Who is who and who wants what? That is the question.

Convinced not to set foot in these vast distant plains frozen by an interminable winter, and not putting on the boots of a Napoleon or even a Hitler, so as not to sink into the icy waters of a Berezina, a tomb under the open sky for soldiers in perdition, the United States having never engaged in a face to face with the Russian army, which moreover, this time on its own ground, will be satisfied to direct the operations of a well-protected HQ and under the NATO banner, if the Europeans have the courage to commit to sending troops to Ukraine, which is not on the agenda, as well as that of tomorrow.

The television and media maniacal ramblings having no other purpose than to move on to a new sequence and to conjugate the Covid episode with the past tense.

During this time, silent China and the awakened bear will be able to establish a new world order, very real this time with the “benevolence” of the United States, controlling the ambitions without future of a Europe still and always disunited and unorganized.


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