The spatial tribulations of an odyssey projected on the screens of movie theatres were soon to take on their full dimension. They passed unnoticed at the beginning of the 1970s, turning out to be more than real at the dawn of a century that would combine fiction with reality.

The use of media, like the invasion of Martians recounted by Orson Wells on the radio waves, sowing panic across the United States was only the beginning of putting under a glass dome a credulous, annihilated Western society, already submitted and addicted to television, which was going to give itself to social networks.

So, over the decades, viewers who were dazzled by Hollywood stars and idolizing rock icons, would pass across the mirror, without knowing that the glittering limelight of an American night would make them the actors of their own lives. An inexorably voluptuous process, crushing the dreams of these new followers, while giving them the power to substitute their idols of yesteryear for their own egos, thus becoming part of the scenery, exorcising their frustrations, emerging from the shadows to seize the glory of those whom their parents had so admired.

A sweet, short-lived revenge making out of them, anonymous celebrities that the architects of this perverse game intended to “de-starize” the system, to give a misconception of power to those without rank, had only as a goal to eliminate the stars to make out of their puppets a weapon of mass destruction, demeaning the subjects to level down to the bottom. The war machine from the Silicon Valley was therefore about to see the light of day.

Emails from the mid-1990s brought farewells to postal workers chased on their bicycles by rabid neighbours’ dogs. Then Big Brother in 1999, a metaphor, a hint, a warning signal which should have awakened the spirits. ISOLATION.

Andy Warhol and his 15 minutes of fame, an atrophy, close to a lobotomy of a cerebral lobe. Facebook and its freedom of expression à la carte. Communicating without meeting, expressing yourself without going on TV. “To exist”. Smartphones prosthesis or electronic bracelet, broadcasting information at the speed of light. Space time concept revisited. To enslave. Then the arts, dismembered, thrown into online platforms.

Home delivery with Amazons from another era.

The device was therefore put in place, insidiously, methodically, leaving the laboratory rat, conditioned to remain in its labyrinth, compartmentalised and isolated. Disconnected from the outside world while immersing itself in it with delight.

A controlled, sanitized world where imposed rhetoric is queen, a world where the “silence of the lambs” is king.

A well-oiled clock, with flawless mechanics, pre-confinement. Power almost absolute.


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