Is there a pilot in the plane?

More than pandemics, wars, stock market kills and other natural disasters, poverty has gone through the centuries without a break. Either as vassals during the Middle Ages, or at the gates of the Palace of Versailles asking for bread before leading the king and queen to the scaffold.

Flat screens have certainly succeeded black and white television, and washing machines the rivers edge, but poverty is still rooted in the 21st century, continuing its fatal task.

Do the politicians, the world of finance bear the responsibility, or should each of us listen carefully to the speech of a president that death awaited on a sunny Autumn day in the plains of the Far West to transpose its thoughts into today’s world?

The Walrus

Video courtesy of the Gumbo Square Band. “Lonely Hearts” written by Amy Zahedi and Serge Grad. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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