Taking It To The Streets

The gap between the different components of our Western societies has, in recent years, widened considerably. Some of them are endangered species such as the middle class. Poverty, for its part, has continued to increase, while the emergence of the world of finance now occupies a more than predominant place. In this context, where the ideologies carried in other times by the politicians are losing speed, what perspectives thus offer today this new world to the hundreds of millions of people caught in the nets of a sequence of our history. A sequence without vision, nor real project of the future.

What about tomorrow?

Is the 1968 warning shot really a thing of the past, or is it just a prelude to a movement of such magnitude that the student excitement of the 60’s could be compared to a kind of jovial and good parade, during which the demonstrators chanted the flower with a gun and a paving stone in hand, poetic-political slogans. A bucolic revolution after all?

Unless indifference, resignation or even the submission of a millennial generation to an established order end up winning it.

The Walrus

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