This song is dedicated to all those whose life since the beginning of this unprecedented crisis, in any way has been diverted from its course.
It also pays tribute to the thousands of Canadian truckers who with courage, by making their voices heard, have paved the way and given hope for better days ahead.

An icy wind had frozen a sculptural landscape sleeping under the snows of Siberian cold, leaving in the torpor of winter a fauna and a flora that only the kiss of a spring would awaken.

The azure blue sky played with these vast meadows and immense immaculate forests, making them dance under the sun like a vast river of diamonds.

But in the distance a purr, then a roar was heard, breaking the silence and waking up the predators deep in the forests.

The long tongue of tar crossing from west to east the “Great North” was going to offer the whole world an unusual scene.

Hundreds of trucks, monsters of steel, departing from the west coast, driven by drivers who had left behind their families to brave the winter, continued their journey towards the Atlantic in the name of a flouted freedom, encountering on their way a crowd growing over the kilometers, waving flags bearing the image of the maple leaf, also draining in their wake other truckers who had come from nowhere.

“We left five hundred; but by a prompt reinforcement, we found ourselves three thousand, when we arrived at the port”  (Le Cid Corneille)

A convoy was now on its way. The Convoy of Freedom.

What could have pushed such a peaceful people to gather in the cold to launch an appeal to the whole earth, an SOS thrown like a bottle into the sea?

It was indeed a movement that went beyond health restrictions, but even more a current that crystallized the discontent of a population that wanted to say NO to the diktat of an army of shadows that had managed to divide, as it never has been the case before, billions of people, all because of an invisible enemy.

Two endless years. A life put on hold, which has been as much social as economical sacrifices.

A humanism dehumanized. The abandonment of entire sections of our societies, including the exclusion of the elders.  Side effects affecting entire generations, and virologists and other immunologists debating endlessly on TV sets, as well as modern-day gurus advocating in the name of science an ideology where rights are substituted for duties, in order to protect humanity.

These millions of people thrown on the highways in the middle of winter who stood up, like a bear facing the hunter, against these coercive measures and other media hype no longer believe it anymore, as much as they may have believed it in the past.

Determined to stay away from their family for as long as it takes to reverse the trend and ensure that their voice is finally heard. To say no to a new world that doesn’t really want to say its name yet.

Like millions of others, they ask only to recover their freedom. The freedom to live their life as they have always lived it, even during the darkest hours of our history. To fight alongside their rulers, above all their elected officials.

Yes, all because freedom is stronger than anything. All because there can be no life worthy of the name without it. Because life is stronger than death, because the future of young generations is at stake.


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