The Irony of Power

There was a time when the “good guys and the bad guys” were separated by a wall. Two very distinct camps dividing the world by interposed countries.

Then this wall broke and the world began to fragment, like a neutron cracking in the nothingness of a universe reborn from a political big bang.

The USSR became Russia, Hong Kong changed course and the Communists converted to a market economy. Wall Street saw the Twins collapse, as well as the Dow Jones, the GIs lost in the torrid Iraqi desert after they had explored an Afghanistan, an impregnable citadel.

The militias and small factions of all kinds multiplied without saying their name and the secret organizations are really no longer an enigma anymore. Europe kept growing while losing its power, more divided than ever, while the lords of Silicon Valley and the traders in front of their computers felt themselves becoming more powerful, dreaming of a world without limits where stock options would be the weapons of tomorrow, wanting to command from “the families” a power that they had possessed for centuries.

The traditional parties infiltrated by technocrats, gofers of a new age, carrying suitcases and rolling around in the mud with the complicity of the media and social networks, took the power falling to the melodies of the mermaids of the dictatorship, as a consequence opening a path for the so-called far right and far left parties giving them a notoriety that they would not have thought they could acquire so easily. The battles of titans carried out in the highest spheres, with the backdrop of a bacteriological war, seemed to return the godfathers of yesteryear to the rank of monuments that those nostalgic for the past would come to bloom on All Saints’ Day.

The Western-style left-right matrix had been shattered along with the US-Russian hegemony. The new geopolitical cards of a more than truculent world were scrambled like those of a lying poker spread out on a casino table that only the players of this new kind of monopoly knew existed.

And if, faced with such a multiplication of powers, none of the forces in the running were able to lead the world. A world having reached a status quo where each of these forces would depend on each other, thus making them interdependent.

A chair for two, if not for three or even more. Pretenders whose crown would only be virtual.


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