The Stockholm Syndrome

The Western world is no more. It has become a nebula, a web that insidiously has locked populations into a lymphatic autarky.

For nearly twenty-five years, the meticulously implemented system has entered the daily life of billions of individuals.

The mechanics were developed in such a way, as to reduce the space of each of them while giving them the feeling of existing as if they had never been. The reduction of the form of expression, just like that of sounds in a musical universe, ended up annihilating the pamphleteering and literary process until it leads to anachronisms and onomatopoeic abbreviations, by leaving the field open to the elites expressing themselves, for their part, without any restriction.

A dialectical fight, abandoning so-called whistleblowers, who were gagged without knowing it, tied to grammatical drifts leading them towards illiteracy, one behind the other, just like soldiers leaving for the front without knowing that rather than defending their homeland, acting as cannon fodder, they were serving the interests of a minority.

The illusory thus took precedence over reality while obscuring the realism of a world dominated even more by pacifist oppressors cleared of any bellicose intention, since promoting freedom of expression while limiting it to the point of derision.

The verbal outlet finally erased the adrenaline so dreaded by the leaders, not wishing to see it spread in the streets, as a popular uprising, rather preferring to let a few written lines lost in the muddy waters of a tamed thought thrown in a bottomless cesspool from which the last syllables of a so-called thought would resound like the procrastination of an endangered species.

Faceless Internet users with cybernetic numbers, selfies taken during dinners, on a beach, or in cheap receptions, reveling themselves of neighborhood popularity for the satisfaction of their executioners no more using the scaffold, since such lambs were going of their own free will to the slaughterhouse.

The illusion, at the service of power. A trick that the masters of the world in the shade of the chandeliers and the gilding of palaces contemplate with a discreetly jubilant smile, aware that henceforth their lies and sarcasm exhibited in broad daylight remain invisible to the eyes of those blinded by vanity.

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