The Third And Fourth Round

Macron won the presidential elections by losing 8 points while Marine Le Pen won 15 compared to the 2017 elections.

That said, the president achieves the best score recorded under the fifth republic with 58% of the voting intentions.

It must nevertheless be considered that he will have benefited from the abstentionism of La France Insoumise which will have preferred to renew the president in his functions, rather than to see Marine Le Pen come to power.

Their partisan and ideological motivations will have been stronger than a political pragmatism which could have served them better, if we consider that this electorate mainly from the working class could have rallied the flood of voters from this same class and who , meanwhile voted for Marine Le Pen.

The working class is therefore divided and will have given victory to a President Macron who until now will have served the interests of those who are considered the elite.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s France Insoumise has decided to bet on the third round, in order to block Macron’s policy and make its voice heard in the National Assembly. A Jean-Luc Mélenchon who already sees himself as Prime Minister.

The disinterestedness of the French with regard to the legislative elections and a non-proportional vote that is not very favorable to outsiders could well give the president a relative majority that is not representative of the political landscape.

A president who again would have full powers for the next five years.

Will the appointment of a new prime minister and the formation of a government in the next few days or so meet the expectations of at least 41% of voters?

A fourth round in the street is likely to come if Macron does indeed refuse to reach out to those he has turned his back on for the past five years. Unless a pandemic reappears and reduces the ardor of the demonstrators, confining them during the fall. Or that the specter of an economic crisis, a stock market crash or even a war forces them to bow down in the face of adversity and give up defending their claims.


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