For more than three months, people around the world have seen a virus in the form of a tidal wave, sweeping away everything in its path. Having left China, it then continued its race towards the West, striking Iran, Europe, before falling on the American continent and making NYC a ghost town.

Fear followed by the first jolt thus drawing the margins of a will, for not to give up and face this invisible enemy, fighting it. Each then, in his own way, did everything to put at the service of his country, of his homeland the necessary forces to do so, thus sacrificing his freedoms temporarily, in the end to protect those he loves, their countries, and the whole planet. They then followed their institutions and its instructions in the name of precautionary principle. Through the self-denial of their lives, the hope and belief in their leaders showing the way forward, guiding their steps and thus leading them in this war effort with courage and determination, giving citizenship its letters of nobility. 

Today, the redeeming of the time has come. The expectations of people to regain the right to fully live their lives are more present than ever. They are asking to be able to finally see their loved ones again, hug them and make the elders feel the warmth they so badly need, and which they so sorely missed during these interminable weeks.   May life regain its rights, taking it back for themselves, and more than this, their freedom, in peace, serenity, and that in the name of a humanism, which like a beacon has illuminated the world, enlightened a tomorrow which will be better than today.


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