Who’s Next?

The assassination of former Prime minister Shinzo Abe two days before the elections in Japan seems to come at the right time.

One of the main axis of his policy during his residency is to have wanted to revise article 9 of the Japanese constitution and equip his country with an army to ensure its security.

Anti-Communist and very close to Donald Trump, he wanted to defend Japan’s sovereignty and oppose Chinese military intervention in Taiwan.

His death could open new perspectives.

Without this support, the islands of Senkaku, Diaoyu, and Tiaoyutai, a source of dispute between China and Japan, could fall into the clutches of the dragon even if this archipelago has been administered by Japan since 1985.

Close to Taiwan, it represents a particular strategic asset, and its oil is a major energy card.

Shinzo Abe’s adversary, Fumio Kishida, would rather be in favor of a partnership with China.

The elimination of Shinzo Abe could therefore give him the opportunity to serve the interests of Beijing and not interfere with a possible invasion of Taiwan, even without the USA intervening.


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