Fiction or Reality?

Some media have mentioned the meeting between Nicolas Sarkozy and the King of Qatar at the Elysee Palace in November 2010, in the presence of Claude Guéant, adviser to the French President, as well as with the Minister of Sports at the time, the Prime Minister Qatari and Michel Platini president of UEFA as a mafia act which would have resulted in an agreement, so that Qatar organizes, the World Cup.

On the agenda of this meeting would also have figured the elimination of Muammar Gaddafi and the takeover of wealth such as oil under Libyan soil.

According to the media, the French president would have asked the King of Qatar for financial support of 300 million dollars, so that France intervenes militarily to carry out this operation.

A physical elimination of Muammar Kadhafi would have at the same time put an end to the embarrassing testimony of the latter concerning the illicit financing of the campaign of the candidate Sarkozy.

Indeed, according to some media, the presidential candidate would have received a large sum of money from Muammar Gaddafi in order to boost his campaign before Bernard Henri Levy stepped in as a mediator in order to convince the Qatari authorities of the merits of this operation.

The mechanics, therefore, worked perfectly and everything overwhelmed former President Sarkozy and his close entourage. The media coverage was such that his very function became the shadow of a man immersed in turmoil and the pangs of power and money. His attraction for money was then only the ax of a guillotine sliding in the deafening silence of an icy dawn.

What if the truth was hidden elsewhere and this version of the story occulted another one?
If we follow the course of events described by the media, Qatar would have bought the World Cup and France should have won it.

But now, in the meantime, the health crisis of 2020, the ousting of Donald Trump, the war in Ukraine, Elon Musk owner of Twitter, the emergence of the WEF, and the creation of BRICS changed the situation.

Qatar joins the BRICS and France led by Emmanuel Macron binds to the WEF. Yesterday’s partners moved away from each other and thus found themselves in two diametrically opposed camps.

The world changed radically. But when did he really start to mutate?

And if the accusations against Nicolas Sarkozy were only the result of a policy aimed at diverting the attention of public opinion and causing it to focus on the mafia scenario making the president a godfather from the underworld?

And if this meeting in November 2010 had been one of the epicentres of a partnership, even an alliance made to fight another coalition lurking in the shadows like a predator watching its prey. Are the coalition of the WEF and the G20 having drawn in its wake Barack Obama and his vice-president currently tenants of the White House, a humble ally of Klaus Schwab?

This end of the year 2010 would have marked a major turning point without anyone noticing it, failure due to the spotlights that the media shone on an event that they distorted and diverted from its real trajectory so that the soldier Sarkozy is taken in the trap and that the predators remain freely invisible until they strike and plunge the world a decade later into an unprecedented health and energy slump.

Is it therefore rather this scenario that should be retained? A secret alliance to deal with the threat of a new world order, rather than a mafia act as the media under the control of the WEF wanted to make believe.

Could the rise in power of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula have convinced Sarkozy to approach them to build an alliance that could include Israel?

Would he have seen the opportunity to create a dynamic for peace at a time when the United States was losing momentum in this region of the world?

An Arab spring sparing the Arabian peninsula, the Libyan leader out of play, and the ambition to create a common Mediterranean market extending from Algeria to Turkey. Could it have been Sarkozy´s goal?

Did Sarkozy’s ability to bring people together become too troublesome? His ambitions too big?

Hence the need for a docile president such as François Hollande elected in 2012, an extra in the pay of fund providers, a second-class Don Quixote who never faced his windmills, his enemies of the finances that he saw only in his wanderings for the time of a Mitterrandian speech, an unnamed vampirized haunting the corridors of a ministry of finances under the WEF´s commands. A pseudo-president ending up giving birth, the Indian way to A Macron devoted to the World of finance.

Those who affirm as being aberrations with mafia overtones the actions of Nicolas Sarkozy during his presidency claimed it out loud in order to serve the interests contrary to his own, ruining historical ambitions while dismissing this threatening meteorite from the Davos club.

Even if Nicolas Sarkozy has been sidelined, it seems that his absence in this World Cup final has been noticed. The open breach remains more than gaping and the red sea still quivering.

The elected would therefore have been in spite of himself too, without knowing it, serving the interests of those he fought. A Borgiesque Machiavellianism hinged on the disenchantment of the voters, resulting from an arrogance used by those who propelled him to the top of the state to better bring him down.

So a mafia with questionable connections, or a double agent that the sonars of a shadow army detected a long time ago navigating the troubled waters of politics and finance?

Photo Credit: Bruno Belcastro, Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 DEED

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