Yesterday, Today…….Tomorrow?

#silenceisconsent #awareness #humansarenotpawns #Nowar #gumbosquareband #lechemindeDamas

How long will it take for the sun to rise over a world full of calm and serenity, where the noise of the grapeshot and the deafening sound of cannons does not resonate? A world where the fires of hell will burn only in the tumultuous past of those who will not have known how to embrace it when it would have needed it like a child, abandoned by the side of a road, frightened, terrorized by the hoot of wolves lurking in the shade, insatiable predators ready to devour it. How many dead, sacrificed on the altar of indifference and oblivion will it still take, so that the world does not turn away from the unnamable, and that finally with a single voice howls to the whole earth “NO” to what humanity should never have given birth to?


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