A New Berezina

The Russian sanction concerning Finland’s application for NATO membership was not long in coming.

The Kremlin will no longer deliver gas, and the Finns will have to find an alternative to withstand a winter that could be very long.

The price to pay for this membership will be heavy, even if the coffers of some European governments have been filled in recent weeks after the arbitrary confiscation of property belonging to some Russian oligarchs.

Turkey is not in favor of letting Finland and Sweden join NATO, the isolated Ukrainian president wants peace, and the Hungarian leader is pulling away from the European Union.

As for Joe Biden, he can no longer even go to Moscow to negotiate. He is now, like his Secretary of State, on the list of personae non gratae.

A humiliated, adrift Western diplomacy, a total fiasco which only reinforces the Russian resolve to continue on its way.


Photo: Jens Buettner/dpa via AP

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