Obstination or Mea Culpa?

Trudeau’s European tour, rocked by the Irish lullabies of Bono, was announced rather well. The rehabilitation of the pariah, harassed by a horde of truckers, knife between teeth and dagger in hand, could have only left a bitter taste for all those who believed in their leader and erased the stigmata of a lack of love between part of the population and himself.

But the casualness and contempt of the Prime Minister led him instead to the European Parliament. No more pseudo peace and love hikes in Ukraine. His presence reignited resentment and anger, making him a speechless witness or presumed guilty in the dock facing an uncompromising indictment, denouncing his Chinese-style authoritarianism, even more, his hypocrisy by teaching at the very heart of the European Parliament a lesson about democracy.

His obstination and boundless arrogance will get the better of him.

George Bush’s slip of the tongue about one man’s unwarranted intervention in Iraq, when he wanted to actually talk about Putin and Ukraine, looks much more like the innocent lie of a child caught in the act with his hand in the cookie jar.

That said, it looks like there’s still plenty of time for Trudeau also to be caught in the act of denial and maybe one day kneel down and do his mea culpa.


Trudeau Photo: Adnan Abidi-Reuters

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