As the seventh oil, and third gas exporter in the world, with a reserve positioning Iran in fourth place for its oil production and third for its gas reserves, it is the source of all covetousness.

Its main economic partners, such as China 22.9%, India 9.9%, Turkey 8.4% or Japan 4.5% in these areas, as well as the United Arab Emirates 39.6% and China 22.4% for the export of industrial equipment, food or other consumer goods, demonstrates that Iran is well placed on the world economic chessboard.

However, one of its weak points is its electricity production where it appears seventeenth on Earth.

Could this explain its desire to develop a nuclear policy for energy purposes, which would make it a leading economic power?

Would the sanctions taken against Iran therefore be justified if one refers to the reasons invoked by those who took them? Would it represent a real nuclear threat to the planet, or could it rather be an outstanding competitor that its economic opponents would not want to see prosper?


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Photo: Sémhur CC BY-SA 4.0

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