All or Nothing**

Congressional elections are fast approaching, and both Democrats and Republicans have never been more united in the division that has led them to work indirectly, for better or for worse, in Ukraine.

Indeed the two political parties have in common the will to annex Europe economically, because of, or thanks to, Russia.

The Kremlin could lead the old continent towards an economic and social cataclysm. Total bankruptcy.

So far nothing new in the West.

The past has repeatedly demonstrated this type of successful interference directed by successive US administrations. What changes today is that even within the legislative power, the objectives and ambitions of the two parties are not identical. There is no consensual approach.

The Democrats want to see a weakening of Europe by promoting, among other issues, growing immigration, with the support of the European Commission and countries like France and Germany in order to destabilize this continent, while the Republicans support countries such as Hungary, Sweden, and Italy in this case which advocate an anti-migration policy.

There are therefore two common objectives with very opposite goals. Two strategies, in all cases, will lead to the dismantling of Europe as we have known it for decades.

The war in Ukraine is only a diversion, a smokescreen to hide two plans with disastrous intentions.

As for the Kremlin, master of the game with GazProm, can at any time continue to weaken the European economy or, as it happened recently, open the floodgates and deliver gas to Italy, which is inclined to support an anti-European Russian policy.

A kingmaker whose politics would look like a redistribution of the cards within the community. Some will see their economy boosted by this coveted energy, keeping on producing while others, being deprived of it, will sink into chaos and lose their rank of leaders. This could then mean that Russia would be close to the Republicans and that they could have control, thus stopping the ambitions of the Democrats and Brussels by destroying their hegemony.

Who knows what the Kremlin will do when this coalition wins? Will he share the spoils, or will he go it alone in reviving the Russian Empire? Will he cross the Rubicon after participating in this fool’s game?

For the moment what matters is whether the European policy supported by the Democrats on Capitol Hill is as democratic as it claims to be, or whether the Republicans and the countries led by Bruno Orban and Giorgia Meloni in particular belong to the far right as their opponents claim it.

Would Europe be threatened by the brown plague, and if brown plague there is, who are those who would represent it, dressed in their black shirts? A game of mirrors that will soon reveal the real identity and ambitions of each other. A titanic war waged, under the gaze of China, favorable to a docile Europe in order to dominate it even better.

A China whose course of action is based on economic expansionism and which is patiently waiting for the horizon to clear up and for the Oscar to return to the winner, as at a Hollywood party, to finally line up alongside him to prosper even more.

So chaos, organized by Brussels and the Democrats, or order and regulation, promoted by the Republicans and their European allies?

Enslavement of populations or a real desire to serve them?

Or is it all or nothing, where the Europeans have to go all out and avoid the worst?

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Photo Credit: Keenan Constance via Unsplash

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