For Better Or For Worse**

After the heat wave of the past few weeks, Europe is once again in turmoil.

Not because the Indian summer would be slow to say goodbye, but rather because the winter could be very long.

The energy crisis, a consequence so far of a conflict in Ukraine, will plunge a European population already tested by the health crisis into an unprecedented economic situation.

How long will the German economy be able to withstand this new shock wave?

This economic giant is in the crosshairs of the Kremlin, which knows very well that if it collapses, it will drag with it in its fall its yesterday’s partner, France, as well as the entire old continent.

Within a month, Europeans will feel the side effects of this crisis which should never have happened.

Increase in gas and electricity bills, a reduction in their consumption, and a drastic decrease in production, as well as the fall of its economy with rising unemployment and an ever-higher poverty line.

This economic crisis could be followed by a social one, leading to chaos.

The Ukrainian battlefield extends far beyond its own borders where an economic war is about to hit European citizens hard, who did not think that this antagonism would lead them like sheep to the slaughterhouse in the meander of a socio-economic crash.

The time is no longer to know how Europe got there, but rather how to get out of this quagmire and prevent it from being further weakened.

The Christmas holidays and its deserted streets during the pandemic could this time be plunged into total darkness if the leaders of the old continent do not manage to find an agreement with the Russian ogre.

It is not the export of Shell fuel from the USA, the purchase from Norway or even Algeria of this precious commodity that is gas, nor the pseudo-revolutionary upheavals in Moscow suppressed by the Russian regime that will be enough to keep the European ship afloat and save it from the storm.

The dependence on Russian gas implied that the European Union had shown consistency and did not turn away from its political line with regard to Russia.

Wanting to destabilize it, Europe finds itself today on the edge of an abyss under the impassive gaze of the Kremlin.

European leaders are more than weakened and the traditional parties are disappearing. The technocrats mandated by Brussels are now substituted by new representatives.

France has chosen to put its president on the constitutional ballot. As for Sweden and Italy, these nations have taken the path that Hungary and Poland have already traced.

Who else will follow them? What will the former Eastern country do?

Europe is therefore changing. It is at the crossroads of its history. For better or for worse.

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Photo courtesy of AFP

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