An Inquisitive Sham

Would the creation of a ministry of truth in the United States and in France be a question of semantics where truth would replace the noun propaganda and would become an axiom?

A truth without foundation, if not intended to universalize its content, so that it corresponds to the requirements of a minority, stigmatizing those who would not side with this “elite” which validates it in order to control them even better.

Would George Orwell, having talked about the Miniver in his book 1984, have shown that reality could join the fiction?

Is the war of the worlds at our doorstep and freedom of expression about to be annihilated in the name of Democracy?

An inquisitive headlong rush profoundly calling into question the very foundations of our civilization. A pluralistic civilization, and therefore antinomic to uniformization of what these leaders would like the truth to be.

An undeniably toxic, political drift.


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Photo: Ship Sailing Over Edge of Earth, Georgia Studies Images

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