Parallel Worlds

The West has denigrated China for many years. Then the handover of Hong Kong in 1997 made the front pages of newspapers and magazines. Many believed that the Chinese government would destroy its toy, this inescapable financial enclave.

Instead, China built Shanghai and demonstrated that an authoritarian country could adapt to the market economy.

The West, looking at itself in its mirror, saw that the image could be reversed.

Canada and the United States then seized the opportunity to lead their country in the Chinese way, and thus show this empire its obedience and its gratitude for having opened up new prospects for it. They thus yielded to “The Temptation of Venice.”

The collusion with the World Economic Forum of Klaus Schwab completed this ambition consisting in wanting to shape the world in such a way that this one becomes its property under the features of a nihilist, rejecting by definition, the Natural Right and resulting in a utilitarianism leading to tyranny.

China has become the laboratory of the West in many respects, even to the point of making the world population the guinea pigs of a system imported from Beijing.

Europe naturally followed its long-time American ally, abandoning the principle of a European community to the detriment of the disunited States and thus becoming a pale copy of a communist system, disguised as a market economy, advocating dictatorship as a common value, so that globalization is no longer a space for conquering the world, but that “its erased borders” close in on it like the sharp teeth of a merciless dragon.

A globalization, certainly, but open-air carceral globalization.

The United States in this case thought that this new model would be beneficial to them and that collaboration with China would allow them to get closer to this brand new ally to better control it.

Instead, the Middle Kingdom took advantage of Uncle Sam’s credulity, dragging him into a headlong rush and pushing him down a bottomless precipice, abandoning him in the bowels of humanity, while asserting his hegemony because of the support of new powerful partners such as Russia and India.

If China wants Taiwan tomorrow, it will take it. Gagged threats from a dying Biden administration will do nothing.

The elections in November in the United States could be a strong signal to change course. If nothing changes the balance of power will be reversed for decades and future generations in the west will pay a high price.

These parallel worlds have never been so present.

The world of the Politicians, bewitched by the arabesque undulations of the Dow Jones. Politicians who yielded to the imperiousness of predators with a biometric gaze.

But also, the one for leaders in the compost of a sanitized policy, regulated by Politburos deaf to the incantations of a planet in complete mutation, blinded in the shade of Corinthian columns in ruins by convoluted Confucian beliefs and a past crossed by history.

So who will win, and what will the world of tomorrow look like?

Will the first world power belong to the history books and will the American dream fade into oblivion, leaving the America of yesterday to play extras in a B-movie made by sorcerer’s apprentices?

To be continued…


Photo: Writing from the Kitchen Sink

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