Best of Both Worlds

Turkey’s geographical location at the gates of Europe and Asia Minor, controlling both maritime traffic from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, makes it a serious political partner.

Turkey, as a member of NATO, but not part of the European Union, therefore has a unique status, giving it more freedom to move from one continent to another and to pursue the necessary dialogue with its partners and neighbors, so that a balance is found and that peace reigns between these two parts of the world.

Its relationship with Russia could encourage it to oppose the entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO, moreover since these two countries support the Kurds, the sworn enemy of Ankara.

However, it seems inconceivable that Turkey would take the risk of turning away from NATO because of the position of these two Nordic countries with regard to the Kurdish question.

There will probably be negotiations so that the protagonists come out of this mini-crisis by saving face. Turkey must keep one foot in Europe and the other in Asia Minor to continue to play a major role in this region of the world.

This is a key point.

This is what makes Turkey be listened to and respected on both sides of the Bosphorus.

Losing this position would weaken it considerably. The Turkish government will therefore probably play the card of diplomacy and pragmatism to maintain its rank.


Photo: “Bosphorus Bridge” by halbag is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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