Erdogan: Punch Drunk On Power

Vehemently asking:

“You Westerners want war between the crescent and the cross”?

Erdogan is establishing himself as the spearhead of a war launched against the Christians of Europe and the United States, whom he accuses of supporting Ukraine and abandoning Gaza.

He knows that by positioning himself in this way, he is formalizing his partnership with Russia and can destabilize Europe by setting fire to the Balkans, where the Muslim population represents around 15%.

He is also aware of the fact that in the heart of Europe, in Germany, he has the presence of 2.5 million Turks, of whom 800,000 are under 21 and 450,000 between 21 and 30.

Erdogan turned his back on the European Union to better confront it with his allies.

Turkey’s geographical location allows it.

He is more than ever the pivot between Europe and Asia Minor, and the Bosphorus is his asset for regulating maritime transport between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Thus the link between the wars in Ukraine and Israel is made, and their export to the European Union gives them a whole new dimension.

A great danger for the West, a threat to be taken very seriously.

Credit: The National

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