Yuval Harari: A Legend In His Own Mind

On May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion established the equality of the inhabitants of the State of Israel without distinction of religion, race or sex.

In 2018 Noah Yuval Harari, historian and professor of history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, refused to receive a distinction issued by the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles in order to protest against the promulgation of the nation-state law, the very foundation of the Hebrew State, defined as such by David Ben-Gurion.

Yuval Harari therefore defines himself as a firm opponent of the concept of the State of Israel and its Independence, which can only encourage nations which refuse to recognize the existence of Israel, to continue to to do so, and his enemies to fight the Hebrew State.

A message with serious consequences, especially when we know that Yuval Harari is not only Klaus Schwab’s advisor and one of the pillars the WEF and its New World Order, but moreover, and above all, a member of the sprawling UN system led by its Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez who publicly declared a few days ago that Israel deserved what was happening to it, referring to the events of October 7.

More than appreciated by Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Hussein Obama and his pro-Arab speech in Cairo in June 2009, Yuval Harari is one of the major pieces of an ideological movement whose politics could suggest that it would have a link with the attacks of October 7.

At least, the clues mentioned above agree and converge in this direction.

Credit: BBC

If this were to be verified, these attacks could be the first link in events which have repeatedly shaken the planet for decades.

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