From Versailles to the Coliseum

While the Democratic and Republican deputies in Washington seem to have reached out to try to find a compromise related to the question of firearms, the French National Assembly appears more fragmented than ever.

The Prime Minister presented her resignation to the President, who refused it, and the talks between Marine Le Pen and the Green Party at the Elysée gave no indication of what could happen next.

What is more than obvious is that some former Republicans and Socialists, who yielded five years ago to the sirens of “Macronie,” could well be tempted to return to their roots to save their political futures, as long as they are not seen walking like the shadows of the Borgias along the walls of the corridors of the National Assembly.

But pragmatism could well guide the steps of those overwhelmed by the thirst for power. This would risk further weakening the president’s party, which could also see the faithful among the faithful, dagger in hand, also abandoning him, making out of his party a politico-media relic that no one would want to echo.

The mainstream media could also choose a new figurehead, thus delivering a lonely president to his predators to be devoured like Blandine by the lions in the arenas of Rome.


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Photo: ERIC GAILLARD/Reuters

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