How about going out of it for 3.30 minutes?

Whether it is a political, economical, social, health, sociological crisis, a stock market crash, an over-mediatised natural disaster, or even War and its procession of desolation, the populations remain, non stop, kept under control, muzzled, guided by a single weapon of formidable efficiency.

The Fear.

Fear imposed insidiously, at home via the media and with a timing worthy of a Swiss clock, thus keeping on the lookout, like a shark spinning constantly in the troubled waters of an uncompromising society, a lobotomized biped, an ephemeral caught up in the hypnotic light of a virtual world.

No respite then, no escape, no perspective, but an endless whirlwind dragging it ever further and further into the abyss of servitude and submission, as the architects of this flawless system meticulously take the time to draw the borders of a world which at every moment makes them more and more powerful.

How about going out of it for 3.30 minutes?

Shut Up And Dance

Gumbo Square Band. Written by: Amy Zahedi and Serge Grad. All rights reserved.


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