Pitched Battle for the French Legislative Elections

After a presidential election where political parties hardly existed, the time has come to find the actual ideological currents crossing France.

On the left, the union with La France Insoumise, the Socialist Party and the Communists.

In the center, the Macronian nebula.

On the right, the disappearance of the Gaullist party and the emergence of Le Rassemblement National.

Will voters choose a deputy based on his personal profile, or the political party he represents?

Will the current voting system be an asset for Macron’s renamed Renaissance party?

Will the formation of a provisional government in the next few days unite the population to give the president full powers to pass laws at the national assembly?

Whatever the case, and whoever wins, if there is a winner, will the Prime Minister be able to cope with rising prices and a world in turmoil?

We must hope that a fourth round in the fall, in the street, won’t be a prelude to a social crisis with uncertain consequences.


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