All Or Nothing At All

The economic war announced at the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict has become part of the daily life of the world population, in particularly that of the Europeans.

In less than six months, winter will be a new Russian ally. The coveted gas coming from the East could be a determining factor in making some members of the European community bow. The German government finds itself on the front line and could be led to compromise with the Kremlin.

Without an agreement, the Germans could be the first to suffer the consequences of this showdown. Its anti-nuclear energy policy is not favorable to them.

If Germany were to be weakened from an economic point of view, all of Europe, and especially France, would sink with it.

Scorched Earth policy or German pragmatism?

The key is in Berlin.


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“Reichstagskuppel Berlin” by K.H.Reichert [ … ] is marked with CC BY-NC 2.0.

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