The Dream Is Over

The war in Ukraine will have got the better of the European dream. It is nevertheless in no way the cause of this dismantling which will now take place, but rather the consequence of a political will of the European community of not having been able, knowing or willing that this dream continues to exist.

Nor are the demands of farmers, yellow vests or even political parties demanding a regulation of migratory flows that have precipitated Europe into the history books.

European leaders bear full responsibility for this failure.

They imposed a policy that took no account of the human factor and the need to make this European community a community worthy of the name.

They raced alone leaving behind them second and third class citizens and nations assimilated to extras, abandoning them, while despising them.

Today this “elite” will have to face several major consequences.

The loss of the Countries of the former Eastern Bloc

Considered as a promised land where German companies have relocated to generate profits allowing them to run their economy at full speed, these countries like Romania, considered twenty years ago as eastern China, could well turn to other partners. Hungary has already spoken clearly and has started to distance itself from Brussels.

As for impoverished Bulgaria, like Greece, having gone through an unprecedented economic crisis and having been so humiliated, these countries, together with those mentioned above, could become autonomous and form a Balkano-Mediterranean Arch that would stretch from Austria to Athens, if its leaders manage not to make the mistakes that Europeans have made, those of not wanting to build a future together and to erase negligible differences in order to serve purposes that would take them to other skies.

An economic collaboration, initially, could be considered with Turkey, while maintaining peaceful relations with the West. A partnership with Russia would give these countries an open door towards the east and a direct economic cooperative with China, even India.

With access to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, as well as a geographical location giving it the option of getting closer to the Middle East in complete independence and dealing directly with the Arabian Peninsula, this union could be the first stage of an emancipation. Sovereignty regained. A partner of weight therefore that the “great nations” should respect and negotiate with.

The Energy Policy

Germany capitulated to Russia. The economic pressure is too strong for Chancellor Scholz to insist on standing up against the bear to defend the interests of Ukraine and take possession under the control of the White House of the wealth of this country.

To have gone along with Uncle Sam has been a major mistake with serious consequences that could break the French-German engine. Unilateral decisions which have been taken on both sides of the Rhine contrast with the consensus existing during the presidencies of Konrad Adenauer and Charles de Gaulle up to those of François Mitterrand and Helmut Kohl.

Divergences in energy matters, anti-nuclear Germany and France to the opposite of it will have been in favor of the USA and Russia. France and Germany will have to choose a common energy policy so that their economy is revived.

Common Currency and Social Policy

The reference to the Treaty of Rome and a Europe with eight remains the only option for the West to survive this turmoil.

France, Benelux, the Iberian Peninsula and Italy could avoid the worst if they teamed up with Germany and adopted a policy of nation-states managing to save the euro because of an economic recovery, synonymous with partnership with Russia.

These nations have no other alternative than to combine pluralism with pragmatism and to give a humanistic meaning to their policy to do what they should have done twenty years ago. To focus on people and serve them, instead of ignoring their claims.

A more than necessary ideological decentralization. By the way, the recent legislative elections in France have shown very clearly that the people prefer a parliamentary regime to a monarchist executive.

Ever since the beginning it has been said that the British did not want Europe. Maybe it’s because Europe itself didn’t really want to exist.


What is the use of NATO if not to raise a scarecrow and believe that these four letters could act as a bulwark against some bellicose intentions, whatever they may be, relying on a country like the United States which has never wished that Europe could be independent. The creation of an embryo of a pseudo French-German army in the 90s will certainly have given the opportunity to develop a European military project which would have made NATO an obsolete organization today, which it is anyway.

It is time for Europe to revise its strategy before the old continent disappears like a political Atlantis.

Anyway, it no longer exists as a political power and cannot avoid its dismantling.

The Catalan, Corsican and Flemish separatists have already sounded the alarm.

If Brussels wants to continue on the path it has taken, revolt will break out in the four corners of Europe and the old continent will look like the counties of a so-called bygone era.

It now depends on its leaders to avoid the worst.


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