He Who Is Taken, Thought He Was Taking

The stubbornness of the West to want to isolate Russia and make it bear the responsibility for a conflict that the Europeans and the United States have provoked only strengthens the determination of the Kremlin.

Russia is more powerful than ever, and the strategy of the West, as long as there is one, will only have had the effect of creating a union around Vladimir Putin.

The meeting between Russia, Iran, and Turkey demonstrates this without any ambiguity. The more the West continues its anti-Kremlin policy, the more a dynamic around Russia grows. After China and India, as well as the emerging countries, it is the turn of the Middle East to join the Kremlin.

Even Saudi Arabia, a lifelong partner, has turned its back on the Biden administration.

The political, economic, and diplomatic maneuvers of the West are a failure.

It is clear for the US and the EU to change course before it is too late and become the prey of a major social crisis.


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Photo: Mikhail Metzel (TASS)

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