Each day, when we wake up during these times, it seems that questioning the movement of life and society has gone out the window for most of the world. Thinking in 2021 is a lost art. When one depends on the outside major influences that move under this pandemic to think for them, their individuality disappears and they become more like a cartoon in mass production: being told to go where the “artist” draws them to go. Most of us hate it when we are told what to do. Yet, every day, no matter how they edge themselves into the story of our lives, we give them power to direct us by embracing their willingness to think for us so that we tread the road of least resistance.

If you think about it, this is exactly what George Orwell warned us about in his book, “1984”. It’s not enough that we have the invasion of cameras in our phones, tablets, computers and laptops indoors, but we have the CCTV in buildings and roads….and the world watches while the people in control rule.

I want to remind you that you are free. Free to think, free to choose, free to live. When you’re free, you aren’t in a herd.

Getting out of the herd mentality will enable us to show mercy and grace to a beaten, tired world.

Maria Speight

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