Fashion B

The Gumbo Square Band, despite the health difficulties that have hit the entire planet, has continued unabated to defend causes that are more relevant than ever, causes at the heart of our Western societies.

So-called “Western” causes, but above all universal, making part of the world population, a helpless witness, often resolved in spite of himself to accept the unacceptable.

The homeless, the victims of sex trafficking, discrimination against the autistic world and those left behind, pupils and students facing bullying, scapegoats of a horde of wolves, fierce enemies of the weak left to their own devices: Cruelty, Racism, and the other thousand and one causes, also could not pass through the cracks during these lead-laden years of a pandemic which only made economically worse the living conditions of billions of people.

Other inhabitants of this planet, even more forgotten, continue to suffer for some of them the martyrdom imposed on them by their executioners for commercial reasons.

These fellow travelers, those who once reigned in forests, valleys and mountains, sheltered from the threats that have weighed on them for too long. Those that we commonly call “Animals” and who from circus beasts to imprisonment leading them to death to satisfy the jokes of mankind, still remain today the instruments of a consumer society without qualms.

We therefore wanted to highlight this cause and wrote a song dedicated to those who share our daily life wherever they are on this Earth.

Fashion B is a tribute paid to them, even more a foray into a world hidden from view. A world lurking behind these meticulously constructed curtains, so that the rhinestones and sequins, as well as the social statuses exhibited with insolence and contempt before a public or stunned visitors, are not affected by the violence and brutality of its own acts.

The clip accompanying this title will soon be online. A drop in the ocean will say some, but also for others the hope of seeing a wave cross the oceans to come and die slowly on the shores of a hospitable country where the howls of these victims could finally be heard.



Fashion B

Music by Alex Aguilar

Lyrics by Erivan Produtos do Morro

Produced and Arranged by Serge Grad

Mixed and Mastered by Erivan Produtos do Morro

Video courtesy of the Gumbo Square Band. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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