The Third Man

Twenty years ago George Harrison was gone. It has been for a long time that the two giants of this musical and sociological phenomenon that were the Beatles eclipsed him, before as the phoenix, he was reborn from his own ashes. There was certainly, “Here Comes The Sun”, “Something”, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” … but it was by taking off the day after the 60´s with his triple album “All Things Must Pass” that George Harrison revealed to the whole world the one that he could have been if the Lennon-McCartney tandem had given him free rein. He was the first to organize a humanitarian concert. The concert for the Bangladesh. Precursor of a movement which will reach its culmination during the Band Aid of Bob Geldorf in the 80s. He will thus be the spearhead of the fights led by various celebrities who will be much later stamped “Activists”. He was also the first to look beyond borders and combine the sounds of Hindu music with psychedelic rock. As the Father of World Music, he will see other composers such as Peter Gabriel follow in his footsteps, this time turning to the African continent. A tribute paid by Martin Scorsese and the Gypsy of Liverpool to continue his journey with the Traveling Wilburys before joining Le Cirque du Soleil for a last show which could only have been dedicated to love.




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