Who Benefits From The Crime?

Russian troops seized the city of Mariupole, thus securing Crimea and the military base of Sebastopol, maritime access to a Black Sea opening a royal and strategic route to the Mediterranean. The Donbass is now under the control of the Kremlin and the west of the country under its surveillance. The Sword of Damocles thus hovering over the city of kyiv. At the slightest false step, the bombardments will resume. The penalty will be immediate. Ukraine will therefore not pass to the west and will not be a member of NATO. It is at this price that it will be able to keep a relative autonomy, on the west side.

But then why did the Westerners push this province into the claws of the Russian bear, unless it was only for the purpose of abandoning it to it’s sad fate and selling it to the Kremlin to satisfy the ambitions of the men pulling the strings behind the curtain?

Ukraine was only the toy, the bait of speculators who engaged in an open-air monopoly to trigger, using this conflict, another kind of war: an economic one, in order to further destabilize a world already weakened by two years of pandemic. Ukraine has never been a cause to defend, a stake to ensure that democracy is queen on Earth, and the lighthouse of the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty to keep on shining in this inquisitive obscurantism that has descended on the world like a swarm of locusts, ravaging the crops of already starving populations, on the edge of the abyss.

Mission accomplished. A sacrificed country, economically enslaved nations, the strengthening of the power of finance and a Russia more powerful than ever.

And where is China in all of this?

To be continued….


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