Victimized or Sacrificed?

Why are Westerners so complacent about the Chinese regime?

It seems that the repression of Uygurts, Tibetans and Hong Kong dissidents does not bother these ambassadors of a free world who have come in recent days to spread the word in the Ukrainian capital.

A smiling First Lady, or even a rockstar singing a symbolic “Stand by Me” in the subway, decked out with soldiers having the time of their lives.

An organized visit, even giving Trudeau the opportunity to restore his image, after having subdued the truckers, by hoisting the Canadian flag in the Ukrainian sky, as if the maple leaf were the very representation of democracy.

A publicized, well-orchestrated whirlwind visit dedicated to obscuring the Russian celebrations of May 9 and Putin’s speech referring to the fight against Nazism.

A coincidence, of course.

Why wouldn’t Bono and his traveling companions go to the Tibetan peaks or the streets of Hong Kong to support their brothers in arms oppressed by a dictatorial regime?

Has human suffering and misery become a recoverable, quantifiable commodity?

Human rights à la carte, to be consumed with moderation?


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Anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine (War Ukraine)” by Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0.

“6 Oct 2019 anti mask ban_40” by etanliam is marked with CC BY-ND 2.0.

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