American Non-Interventionism

Gone are the days when the GIs landed in France in the summer of 1944, cheered by the crowd, with chewing gum and bottles of Coca Cola distributed on the roads of a country finally liberated.

The territorial wars between the Soviet bloc and Uncle Sam led by interposed nations that followed and were during the Cold War the very essence of a policy aimed at occupying space from a geographical point of view are in the lineage of the historic summit of Yalta. But this time without concession and agreement.

The war in Korea, Vietnam, or even the coups d’état in Chile and a Six-Day War gave way to a denaturation of these conflicts with territorial specificities to keep only the foundations, so that with the support of the media to conceal the real motivation of these antagonisms with a mafia profile.

Since the Arab Spring, the absence of the American administration in so-called “territorial conflicts” has become a strategy allowing it to act without intervening. The famous “no boots on the ground” was the starting point of this new stage, following a war in Afghanistan and especially in Iraq, which had nothing to do with ideology. The logistical restructuring and the media profile of the USA have become the backbone of its foreign policy aimed at smoothing its image.

Americans were long considered the “police of the world”. Today, their absence, with wider repercussions than ever, is in no way criticized.

A vacancy despite everything that has never been more present, but which gives anti-Americanists the illusion that this empire so belittled would have finally wavered to leave the leadership to China.

The United States is therefore surfing on these prejudices of yesteryear and a position of outsider to better occupy its place on the international political scene. The war in Ukraine is the very illustration of this. The cries for help drowned out by the sound of bombs and hostility towards Uncle Sam therefore left a European population alone in the face of adversity, torn between wanting the help of this powerful ally but also freeing themselves from it to claim their own national identity.

A cruel dilemma for a continent still plagued by Stockholm syndrome.


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