November 8, 2022…..A Brand New Start?

Six months before the elections, Capitol Hill is preparing for new elections.

The events that shook the USA, a more than controversial presidential election and a pandemic with multiple consequences, deeply divided a country in shock.

Today the population is looking to the future. It is then up to elected officials to revive the American dream that has been so lacking in recent years.

Make the Statue of Liberty stand proudly in the New York sky like a beacon guiding ghost ships in the storm and make America regain its letters of nobility.

Dignity, a sense of duty and abnegation, courage and probity will all be priceless values that those who sit in Congress, whoever they are, will have to carry so that they can represent their constituents and guide them on the path of progress.

So that tomorrow, America will shine again more than ever in a world in complete mutation.


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Photo by Jalen Hueser

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