The voice is frail and the repertoire, high-flying. The songs follow one another at breakneck speed transporting the public from Drive My Car to Hey Jude.

The sixties revisited with its ambassador, the one and only Paul McCartney.

But why, at almost 80 years old, does this rock legend still want to go on stage and face thousands of spectators around the world?

Could it be by refusing “to be handy and mending a fuse” and to let time guide his steps? Does it mean he doesn’t want the limelight to go out?

Or could it be because the rock legend, as some have claimed and still claim, would not be who the public believes he might be?

That Paul is Faul, and that this one should do the job until the end of time so that the fans are sated and the money keeps flowing for those, who on a rainy night on a long and winding road, would have crossed the rubicon so that the Beatles would live on forever.

Death has followed this legendary group like its own shadow, and the Fab Four have welcomed it with open arms, depicting it in various forms on album covers such as Abbey Road, but also via subliminal messages hidden in the middle of a multitude of recorded tracks.

So, did death strike Paul in 1965 and let Faul pay for the sins of a group complicit in a Machiavellian staging?

Is a resurrection thus leading Faul to wander from town to town until his own death?

Or, would it all come from the imaginary, from a marketing strategy that the Beatles themselves would have built without really realizing it? A funereal tale they would have enjoyed, but which some have continued to exploit.   

A dream that reality would have caught up with by taking the lives of Brian Epstein, John Lennon, and George Harrison, to speak only of those who lived through the great era of the Beatles.

A children’s tale written by teenagers thrown into a world where expectations were high. A world where the horizons were limitless.

A world that Paul McCartney would never want to see disappear and would bring back to life during a concert, so that the public could walk through the mirror with him and dive into the magic of the sixties.


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