Sublime or Subliminal

The media war is raging, more than ever, and allegations more than outrageous on both sides are part of the everyday life, contributing to trivialize the facts to the point of annihilating them.

The lock of taboos broke with the complacency of a public watching the news with candor.

What used to be called fake news has now become an edible commodity without anyone caring about its provenance and asking questions about its origin.

The “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy has made an impression, making people feel guilty and thus stigmatizing those, from whatever side they are, to walk the line. A pernicious way of making it understood without saying it openly, not to question the dogmas established by the authorities and thus to create a fake union built on the law of silence.

So no way of questioning the origin of information and its veracity.

No traceability, so no proof.

No proof=no questioning.

Investigative journalism has been sidelined. The image has supplanted the content, and the content itself has become an illustration of the image. This rendering to the information a distorted and deformed profile, a hypnotized semantic dissonance substituting the facts with a so-called “tailor-made” news.

A sleight of hand, built from looping images and incessant news bars crossing the TV screen, with the aim of diverting the viewer from the information reported, so that he only can listen and remember what the media want to pass on to him.

An algorithmic biometric information. A Firepower broadcasted 24/7.


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