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The Madison’s Corner is a space dedicated to those whose pen could change the trajectory of a world that vacillates, but of a world that still wants to dream, a world where the challenges of tomorrow are more real than ever, and don’t eclipse at all derision, the awakening of consciousness, the desire to discover, to live, quite simply. Join us to write together the chapters of a story that has only just begun …

Drawing Straws

Are the military exercises under the aegis of NATO and the command of Germany a preventive decision or a threat to Russia? What about the

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Chinese Carvery

Tension is rising between the West and Russia. The conflicts in Africa highlight a war that is going global. A process leading irretrievably to an

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Apocalypse Now….

The Zombies still remain related to a horrifying Hollywood production. Today reality joined fiction. The Xylazine prescribed to thousands of people represents a real threat.

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The Stockholm Syndrome

The Western world is no more. It has become a nebula, a web that insidiously has locked populations into a lymphatic autarky. For nearly twenty-five

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To Be Continued….

Commenting on the news is a civic action. However, supporting those in need is an unequaled commitment. Join us, so that the spectators of yesterday

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Que Sera, Sera

Leaders come and go, and nothing changes. The rich are richer than ever and the people more enslaved than they have been, removed like a

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After Covid, the energy and banking crisis, the multiplication of conflicts in the world, the fall of the dollar, inflation in the West, it is

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Heads or Tails?

The Turkish presidential elections will take place this weekend. Control of the Bosphorus, a closer relationship or not with NATO and relations with the Middle

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Rumble Of The Underground

Destabilizations and diversions are increasing. The attack on the Djerba synagogue. Drones targeting the Kremlin. Sudan. The Wagner controversy. A French investigation for war crime.

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Thin Red Line

The May 8th celebrations in Moscow showed Russia’s unflinching resolve in the face of Western threats. If Europe crosses the red line by giving in

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Machine Learning

SG Humanitarian Consortium is attached to social issues. The Gumbo Square Band is one of its channels allowing it to highlight with its songs major

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Zelensky would like to see Putin in jail, but knows that he will not join NATO as long as there is a war. A problematic

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