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The Madison’s Corner is a space dedicated to those whose pen could change the trajectory of a world that vacillates, but of a world that still wants to dream, a world where the challenges of tomorrow are more real than ever, and don’t eclipse at all derision, the awakening of consciousness, the desire to discover, to live, quite simply. Join us to write together the chapters of a story that has only just begun …

The Road to Damascus**

The song “The Road to Damascus” describes a world taking its first steps into a completely changing and tumultuous third millennium. Le chemin de Damas

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A Booster Shot

Is the revolt in China against the Covid 0 tolerance policy a popular movement that could spread beyond its borders, or a political maneuver that

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The GOP is back. Trump runs for president. Biden is out. The G20 & the EU are falling apart. The WEF is on hold &

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The Jungle Book**

It seems that Klaus Schwab has understood that a strong political opposition in the world as well as divisions within the G20 now face him.

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Trick or Treat?**

The GOP now has the power to pass laws in Congress. The Senate, whose majority is Democrat, could reject them, which could be seen by

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A Borgian Encounter?

The G20 meeting in Bali will have been overshadowed by the defeat of the Democrats and the Biden administration in the midterm elections. Klaus Schwab

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Let The Show Begin!

On one side the G20 and the WEF. On the other, the BRICS. The balance of power is now definitely different, with the G20 weakened

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Checkmate !

While the Biden administration no longer has a majority in the House, President Zelenskyy will find himself alone against the Kremlin. His democratic allies could

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Autocracy Threatens

Autocracy threatens. Individual freedoms are in danger. Poverty is growing… SG Humanitarian Consortium wishes to join Elon Musk (@elonmusk) and everyone who wants to go

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Change of Direction

In a few hours, the midterm elections will take place in the United States. After two years of Democratic hegemony, the time has finally come

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