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The Madison’s Corner is a space dedicated to those whose pen could change the trajectory of a world that vacillates, but of a world that still wants to dream, a world where the challenges of tomorrow are more real than ever, and don’t eclipse at all derision, the awakening of consciousness, the desire to discover, to live, quite simply. Join us to write together the chapters of a story that has only just begun …

Red Rover, Red Rover

Russia will support Serbia and the Orthodoxes. The West, Kosovo and the Muslims. This conflict could become the cradle of a religious war beyond the

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Hindsight Is Always 20/20

The Pope blamed Europeans for their lack of solidarity towards migrants. A speech which is part of the EU’s political line consisting of weakening its

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One Good Reason

The parallel worlds crossing our planet are made to meet. The song “One Good Reason” is dedicated to one of them. Autism.

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The Silk Road: GPS A Loco

The Biden Shipping Rail Corridor will only weaken India and divide the Middle East. The Silk Road stretches from the Pacific to Europe crossing Iran/Iraq,

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Political Masque Ball

Is the French Far-Right the rebirth of a bygone Conservative Party, or is it hiding behind unifying and popular values ​​the scourges of a discriminatory

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Anger is brewing and brought back the specter of the Yellow Vests. Macron and the police still have the support of the population, but the

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Those Were The Days!

After the visit of the Boss a few days ago, the Secretary-General of the UN reminded Macron to receive some of the migrants from Italy.

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Tsunami Withdrawal

Russian attacks intensified throughout Ukraine on this first day of Fall. Biden is stuck, The EU is retreating, the war is not the flavour of

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