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The Madison’s Corner is a space dedicated to those whose pen could change the trajectory of a world that vacillates, but of a world that still wants to dream, a world where the challenges of tomorrow are more real than ever, and don’t eclipse at all derision, the awakening of consciousness, the desire to discover, to live, quite simply. Join us to write together the chapters of a story that has only just begun …

The Silence Is Deafening

Since World War II, the US has been criticized for its military involvement around the world. Today, diplomacy seems to be predominant and the silence

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Does He Reflect Gandhi?

Empires have succeeded over the centuries leaving behind them the vestiges of a bygone glory. The oppressed of yesterday are today the leaders of a

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This Ain’t Darwinism

The events that occur daily around the world are not always to the liking of those who learn about them. They are, despite everything, the

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A Race To The Finish

The G20 Summit in India will have shown that the Sino-Russian collusion is on its way. Scholz, worried about it, asked China not to deliver

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Make My Day

The earthquake which struck Turkey and Syria will not have affected Erdogan who proposes to maintain the presidential elections in May. Those opponents who thought

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Left Behind

Von Der Leyen having tea in the UK, Macron in Africa, Blinken in Hiroshima. It seems that Ukraine is no longer on the agenda. Meanwhile,

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Solitary Confinement

Lukashenko’s support to the Chinese peace plan is another asset for Putin. Zelenskyy is now isolated. The EU, the US and NATO left silently, as

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