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The Madison’s Corner is a space dedicated to those whose pen could change the trajectory of a world that vacillates, but of a world that still wants to dream, a world where the challenges of tomorrow are more real than ever, and don’t eclipse at all derision, the awakening of consciousness, the desire to discover, to live, quite simply. Join us to write together the chapters of a story that has only just begun …

Gandhi’s Universe

Bidding is at the heart of this struggle. Modi became the central axis of this merciless war where beliefs vary according to fluctuations. A scabrous

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Time To Throw A Braai!

G20 leaders welcome the African Union into their organization. It seems that a continent so often neglected and despised by Westerners is now highly coveted.

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Gladiator, He Ain’t!

Wherever he goes, Macron is booed. No French President has been so hated, whether in France or abroad. Will he last more than three years?

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A New Mexican Wave

Claudia Sheinbaum, Mayor of Mexico City was elected by her Party to represent it in the June 2024 Presidential Elections. She is the big favorite

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Marion Maréchal and Jordan Bardella with the European far-right could contribute to the breakup of The parliament during the 2024 European elections. A new political

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Let Them Eat Cake

G20 members agree to seek funding to fight climate change, while wanting to maintain the exploitation of fossil fuel. An energy and climate policy close

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President Of Paranoia

Xi Jinping´s absence. Biden courting an Indian PM “hosting” The G20.Zelenskyy afraid of a change of course in the US in Nov 2024 and is

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